A Message from Fr. Bischoff

Welcome to All Saints Catholic School of Alpena, Michigan

Welcome to All Saints Parish School in Alpena, Michigan. Catholic Education in Alpena has a long and beautiful history. For more than 130 years we have been forming and educating disciples of Jesus Christ here on the shores of Thunder Bay. Thousands of young people have not only learned reading, writing, and arithmetic, but also how to be intentional disciples of Our Lord. All Saints School is a fully accredited Catholic Elementary School serving students from Pre-School through Eighth Grade. Our mission is sacrosanct – it is to honor and love each child, teaching them about the wonder and awe of God’s creation, learning how to always pray, forming them into virtuous leaders, and being immersed in the fullness of our Catholic Faith.

As parish priest of All Saints Parish, along with our Principal, Dr. Lisa Hilberg, the teachers and our entire ministry team we are honored to serve you and our entire community. It is our God-given call to minister to the grandparents, parents, children and all the stakeholders of our school with reverence and respect. I, myself, was formed in my early elementary years at Catholic School. It was in Catholic School that the seeds of my priestly vocation were planted and nurtured. All our young people have a call from God to serve as disciples in the mission of Jesus in the Church in the vocations of Marriage, Holy Orders, or Religious Life. Our mission is to cultivate the ‘soil’ of the hearts of our children to respond generously when the Lord calls them.

Please do not hesitate to let us know how we can best serve you.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Tyler Bischoff
Parochial Administrator – All Saints Parish

Fr. Tyler Bischoff