All Saints Catholic School Curriculum

All Saints offers a full curriculum designed to meet both the State and Diocesan standards. In addition to instruction in core academic areas such as math, science, social studies, reading and language arts, we also offer the following:

  • Christian instruction incorporated in all areas
  • A prayer board and daily school-wide prayer
  • Active preparation and participation by the students in a weekday Mass
  • Special observance of Christian seasons, including Lent and Advent
  • Disciple of Christ: Education in Virtue Program
  • Encouragement of service projects and Corporal Works of Mercy
    • Visiting the Sick
    • Feeding the Hungry
  • Physical education
  • Music
  • 1 to 1 Computers to Student
  • NWEA Testing
  • Science Olympiad for all grade levels
  • FIRST Michigan Robotics for all grade levels
  • Strong emphasis on Place-Based Education & Stewardship
  • Various field trips, such as local plays, art shows, Alpena County Library, Jesse Besser Museum, Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary, and the Ice Breaker Mackinaw Maritime Museum