Why a Catholic Education?

Why a Catholic Education?

Catholic schools exist to make God known through a personal encounter with Jesus Christ, with strong roots in both Catholic identity and academic excellence. The Catholic Community of Alpena recognized the need for their children in 1888, and that need continues today. As a Catholic school, All Saints actively participates in the evangelizing mission of the Church. Schools based on a reli-gious foundation have an advantage over their counterparts. The community and its central institution, the Church, provide the social capital which can give the school staff and the family the support necessary to discourage youth in their care from merely taking the easiest path to high school. Catholic schools are instruments of the Church, reaching out to young people within our communities with Christ’s teachings about life, death, and resurrection. Next to the family, schools are the most important institutions in the development of the child. “Parents and teachers must collaborate openly and constructively to form children in core values which enable them to face modern challenges” (Pope Francis, 1/5/2018).

Catholic schools are designed to develop the intellectual abilities of children, teach them to love others, to make good judgements, and to develop good work habits. Continuing to offer a solid Catholic education within our community is vital. Alpena and the surrounding communities need options for developing students in middle school and high school. With Catholic education always at the heart of our Catholic mission, All Saints Parish and School must remain a place where children can be exposed to the invitation which Christ extends to us to love one another as God loves His children. All Saints Catholic School is a place of hope and growth for the future.

Experience the difference- you’ll love it…

We are impressed with the way the school is able to integrate strong academic learning with the teaching of faith and morality. The families and children are great people. With the guidance of the exceptional teachers, staff, and volunteers, the kids are not just learning math, reading and science, but are growing into better people.
If you are looking for an environment where your children can maximize their potential, we encourage you to consider All Saints. — The Sheridan’s

After doing a lot of research of where to send our son and daughter, we chose All Saints Catholic School. We felt that they had high academic standards, and moral content and have not been disappointed. What we found is that ASCS is not just a school but a community. We have become part of this community that offers so much more than just an education. I feel that our children will flourish and have flourished with this community of parents, students, staff and Alpena Catholic PArish’s nurturing them in a catholic faith based education in a challenging academic environment. — The Burger’s

When Adam and Lisa had to relocate, it was impotent that their children attended a Catholic School. They fell in love with All Saints Catholic School right away. Lisa states: All Saints is not just a school, it’s a community. My children have received a wonderful, supportive and beautiful faith-based education. They are thriving at All Saints. The teachers have helped them develop a strong sense of character (honesty, respect, compassion) along with becoming independent thinkers. — The Ptasnik’s