What Others Are Saying

Catholic Schools produce results far better than their public counterparts for a fraction of the cost.

The Wall Street Journal

What I like best about All Saints School is learning all sorts of material. We have done subtraction, addition, multiplication, and now division in second grade.

I also like going to Church and talking with God and hearing all the readings.
I like uniforms the best so no one is left out and the dress code of red, white, and blue.
I also like the after school program. It is so much fun while I am waiting for my mom and dad to get out of work. You do your homework, and then you can play educational games on the computer like IXL, cool math, and kizi.
All Saints is GREAT!

Emma Welch Testimonial (2nd Grader)

“We are impressed with the way the school is able to integrate strong academic learning with the teaching of faith and morality. The families and children are great people. With the guidance of the exceptional teachers, staff, and volunteers, the kids are not just learning math, reading and science, but are growing into better people.

If you are looking for an environment where your children can maximize their potential we encourage you to consider All Saints.”

Meredith and Steve Sheridan

After doing a lot of research of where to send our son and daughter we chose All Saints Catholic School. We felt that they had high academic standards, and moral content and have not been disappointed. What we found is that ASCS is not just a school but a community. We have become part of this community that offers so much more than just an education. I feel that our children will flourish and have flourished with this community of parents, students, staff and Alpena Catholic Parish’s nurturing them in a Catholic faith-based education in a challenging academic environment.

Chris and Staci Burger